Ever Passing Moment
- Fujui Wang
Video Installation

Ever Passing Moment

people moving forward, time passing by,
void background, uncertain scenery, unknown characters,
only the movement of our body wakes us..
unconscious turmoil physically vibrated with the temple,
in a flash, gone with the wind,
the moving of the bodies transfers to the slightly smokes,
disappearing into the scene,
the past pasting and
the senses immersing..


This work reflects the state of consciousness and tries to conjure the mind tenement of contemporaneity. By shooting the shadows of the people passing through the real world, the consciousness and mind state of everybody that were captured by the surrounding sea of the messages, this work digitally gathers the elements of the physical relationship of body and real world to project the real and surreal spiritual statement of people through the fluid images.

The message world is today’s wild nature. Ostentatiously, the “free will” of human being could control the messages from the internet, faxmille, life and the society. We choose what we want, but we by all means are inevitably falling ourselves, and our “free will”, into the vast quasi-reality.

Meditating the images of Ever Passing Moment, the images of all our lonely selves passing by the world, where are our senses and consciousness flowing to? Where are we?

(text: fujui&anes)