Sound Disc
- Fujui Wang
Sound Installation

Description of the project:

We are now living in an era of the information explosion. The hard-drive of computer with the function of thinking and memorizing, almost substitutes the brain. Numerous information passing through the internet has being storage to the hard-drive. Today we cannot imagine to live without computers, which functions as the brain prosthesis. Once the hard-drive being damaged, it will cost the price of information-losing, brain-disability and the amnesia.

So that human has the needy for computer. The idea of this work "Sound Disk" is oriented from the specific connection between human and the computer, and the fear of the possible loss of the hard-drive damaging. This sound-installation is using the feedback in-between microphone and hard-drive. In contrast to the idea of the Musique Concrète refers to the composition by numerous notes, the "Sound Disk" is structured by countless sound dots signifying the "0" and "1" of digital world. All of these randomly dots sound, is metaphorically composing to the seemingly tranquil but actually dynamic information sea.

2. Tech Spec:

- Hard Disc
- Custom Electronics (Digital Volume Controller)