Hollow Noise
- Fujui Wang
Solo Exhibition

Hollow Noise

Fujui Wang's Solo Exhibition and Sound Art Project

Opening: 19th.Feb / Sat 19:00

Date: 19th.Feb ~ 19th.Mar, 2010
Gallery hours: Tue. ~ Sat., 1:00pm ~ 10:00pm
Place: IT PARK, Taipei
Location: 41, 2fl YiTong . St. TAIPEI, Taiwan

Web site: http://www.itpark.com.tw

If “noise” is the abstract form of sound, “hollow noise” is the state of ineffable.

Different from visual art is based on describable concept, the uniqueness of sound art is unutterable. The sound creation is oriented from the intuitive listening experience, from different individual life, personality, memories…etc. The composition of audio art is through listening to develop and organize the abstract sound. The whole process of composing sound is based on intuitive, sensitive, sometimes impromptu and randomly intuition, to link and to structure the layers of audio signal.

Hollow Noise sound installation uses multiple directional hypersonic speakers to generate several tightly focused beams of sound. The sound would like wind which blowing through our ears from various directions. Through movement of the kinetic installations, all these audio beams are similar as Laser light refracting in-between several mirrors.

The artist purposely creates the multiple refractions of audio beams in the space, through our listening experience, in order to create a new sounding space. As waves generated by wind blowing across the ocean surface, all the random noise sound waves travel through the space. Close the eyes to completely experience this amazingly audio space, which leads our imagination and spirit freely release to the state of the emptiness.